Pension Change of Beneficiary

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Your pension can provide benefits for your lifetime and upon choosing certain options, could provide benefits for your spouse’s lifetime as well.  The person listed on your beneficiary form will be the person who will draw your pension benefits upon your death.  It is important to keep this form updated as your circumstances change.

In addition, the Defined Benefit plan offers a $2,000 death benefit for all pension plan retirees that will be payable upon the passing of the plan participant.  By electing a beneficiary, you can control how this benefit will be paid at death.

If you have the need to change your beneficiary for pension, please complete the form below.  In addition, if you are married, and are not electing your spouse as beneficiary, please have your spouse sign the waiver portion of the form.

Please note: If you are currently drawing your pension, this change will only apply to your death benefit.  If you elected a monthly benefit option that included your spouse and that spouse has now passed away, the monthly benefit will cease upon your passing.  The plan does not allow for continued monthly benefits to a secondary spouse.

Pension Change of Beneficiary Form – Printable Version