SEED Administrative Assistant
Free Methodist World Ministries Center, Indianapolis
Temporary through January, 20 hours per week

SEED administrative staff oversees and carries out the day-to-day inventory management and operational systems for SEED. They support SEED’s director in organizational and clerical matters. Administrative staff covers regular office hours, and they are the first contact (via phone, email, and website) for individuals and organizations connecting with SEED. They work in the following areas: Events/trunk show processing, processing orders, inventory, ongoing administration, financial record keeping, and customer service, assisting the director, and working with volunteers.

SEED administrative staff communicates clearly and excellently in emails, on the phone, and in person. They bring excellent organizational skills to the team. They are detailed people who can grasp the big picture. They can talk through process improvement, make changes, and follow through on details and logistics. They have solid relational skills, able to work graciously and effectively. They work well independently, knowing when to ask questions. They manage workload efficiently and effectively juggle multiple tasks, clarifying and following priorities. They also work well as a key part of the SEED team. They want to learn, they receive feedback well, and will grow as SEED grows.

¥ receive shipments from artisan livelihood groups, unpacking and inventorying contents.
¥ clearly document how shipments do or do not match orders; give written feedback for livelihood groups.
¥ prepare customer receipts, and sales orders and credit memos for events.
¥ maintain accuracy of inventory numbers.
¥ maintain organization in SEED’s warehouse, workroom, web inventory, and nook area.
¥ maintain web store inventory and ensure optimum inventory is stocked for web store.
¥ ship samples and new products to product developer and marketing person, keeping track of inventory.
¥ track all complimentary gifts.

Events, trunk show processing
¥ carry out tasks on checklists for each event (communication, receiving payments, follow up, etc.)
¥ pack boxes with 100, 200, or 1000 products with accuracy and quality control.
¥ pack boxes in ways that protect products and are most helpful for hosts.
¥ lift 50-60-pound boxes and bins throughout the day.
¥ work with FMC mailroom employee to prepare, ship, and track boxes, online orders, etc.
¥ process returning boxes, prepare credit memos
¥ make sure all payments are received and balanced, and accounts closed out.

Orders – online, in-office, and wholesale
¥ Fill online orders & restock.
¥ Help in-office customers with suggestions, assistance, and payment.
¥ Pack wholesale orders.

Ongoing administration
¥ Utilize project management software (Asana) and checklists and follow through to completion.
¥ Possibly print small amounts of documents, tags, and signs with highest quality possible.
¥ Other duties as needed.

Financial record keeping
¥ Master necessary parts of QuickBooks, accounting principles and practices.
¥ Properly record payments, donations, and petty cash disbursements.

Customer service
¥ Joyfully and graciously greet and help all callers, visitors, and building staff.
¥ Be a contact person for SEED via phone, email, through website, and building visitors.
¥ Serve people with graciousness, excellence, accuracy and problem-solving.
¥ Prepare materials and packages in a way that are helpful to the customers and hosts.

Assist the director in organizational, clerical and secretarial matters, including, but not limited to:
¥ Promptly and excellently complete tasks requested by the director and update the director if such tasks are not completed within expected timeframe.
¥ Accurately file and quickly retrieve documents.
¥ Work with other clerical staff in the building to collaborate, know available resources and opportunities, and determine best practices.

¥ Prep tasks each week for volunteers.
¥ Provide everything necessary for volunteers to tag and label products accurately and in ways that display well.
¥ Give feedback to volunteers, maintain high quality control, and express appreciation.

Tools SEED’s administrative staff uses:
¥ QuickBooks
¥ Asana
¥ spreadsheets in Numbers and Excel
¥ CashLinq
¥ WooCommerce
¥ Gmail
¥ Google calendars

Required Qualifications:
1. High school graduate
2. Strong verbal and written communication skills, including receiving and sending email
3. Ability to learn quickly, receive feedback, and adapt to change
4. Positive, service-oriented attitude that works for the good of livelihood groups and the team
5. Ability to use or quickly master QuickBooks
6. Ability to work well independently, with a group, and as part of a partly-remote team
7. Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and ability to understand big picture
8. Ability to multi-task, handle multiple priorities, and follow through thoroughly
9. Ability to read and use spreadsheets
10. Ability to implement new process, ask questions for understanding, and document procedures
11. Sound judgement, good communication, and wise initiative
12. Commitment to model Christ-like behavior as reference in Chapter 3 of the Book of Discipline of the Free Methodist Church – USA.
13. Passion for missions, social justice, and cross-cultural relationships

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Experience with QuickBooks or other financial software
2. Experience with programs like Asana, WooCommerce, and Constant Contact.
3. Positive office experience including working with a team of volunteers
4. Retail or inventory experience

Interested individuals should submit a resume and complete an online application at: