Part-Time Worship Leader, Ontario Free Methodist Church – Ontario OH

Ontario Free Methodist in Ontario, Ohio is currently looking for a part time Worship Leader who is engaging, teachable and feels a call to be a part of God’s Greater Vision for Ontario Free.

If Interested pleasse contact us at

Part-Time Worship Leader

Position Description

In one Sentence: Leading a team that provides engaging, relevant and spiritually meaningful corporate musical worship.

* Maintain a life consistent with that of a passionate disciple of Christ.
* Ability to effectivley interact with a wide range of people with self-confidence.
* Capable of organization to accomplish goals.
* A heart for worship
* Ability to build and maintain a music ministry team.
* Proven, verifiable compentency in leading corporate worship.
* Have the spiritual leadership qualities expressed in I Tim 3

* Leadership of Worship Team
* Maintain a team tha twill lead relevant and engaging musical worship for Sunday mornings and occasional special services.
* Recruit, audition, schedule, rehearse (providing training as appropriate) and communicate with worship
and A/V ream participants in an effective and timely manner.
* In coordination with the Lead Pastor, plan music sets, programming elements of orders of services.
* Continually evaluate worship ministry components to ensure they are advancing God’s vision for Ontario Free.
* In coordination with the Lead Pastor develop and maintain a philosophy of worship ministry for Ontario Free.
* lead the church into a greater understanding and appreciation of Biblical experssions of corporate worship.
* Audio visual technical oversight.
* Oversee set-up.tear-down of sound equipment and instruments for rehearsals, worship services and /or special events.
* Oversee A/V ministry area, ensuring accurate, appropriate and effective display of content.
*General Responsibilities.
* Active participation in mentoring relationship with Lead Pastor.
* Ensure appropriate priority is given to personal family responsibilities.

Salary/Time Commitment:
This is a part-time salaried position (minmum 10-15 hours a week commitment required). Salary commensurate upon skills, experience and time available (Generally $10-15/hr)