Hours employed: Part-time or full-time, based on commission or raising their own support

Location: Based in Free Methodist World Ministries Center, Indianapolis; can work off-site periodically

SEED is looking for a team member who will help SEED grow to the next level in two or more of the following areas:

* increasing wholesale and bulk sales accounts

* developing a stronger fundraising foundation

* networking with SEED champions

SEED’s team members will communicate clearly and excellently in emails, on the phone, and in person. They bring excellent organizational skills to the team. They can grasp the big picture and details. They can talk through process improvement, make changes, and follow through logistics. They have solid relational skills, able to work graciously and effectively. They are great at networking and building relationships with potential SEED supporters and customers. They work well independently, knowing when to ask questions. They will follow through to completion. They manage workload efficiently and effectively juggle multiple tasks, clarifying and following priorities. They also work well as a key part of the SEED team. They want to learn, they receive feedback well, and will grow as SEED grows.

As part of SEED’s team, they will:

* Work with graciousness, excellence, accuracy and problem-solving.

* Prepare materials and packages in a way that are helpful to the customers, hosts, and supporters.

* Promptly and excellently complete projects. Update the director if such tasks are not completed within expected timeframe.

* Other duties as needed.

SEED’s team member(s) will receive a bridge stipend when they start, to be decreased each month. They will be supported by sales commissions and/or donations they raise for their salary.

Required Qualifications:

1. Positive and effective experience in sales

2. High school graduate

3. Strong verbal and written communication skills, including receiving and sending email

4. Ability to learn quickly, receive feedback, and adapt to change

5. Positive, service-oriented attitude that works for the good of livelihood groups and the team

6. Ability to use or quickly learn QuickBooks and spreadsheets

7. Ability to work well independently, with a group, and as part of a partly-remote team

8. Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and ability to understand big picture

9. Ability to multi-task, handle multiple priorities, and follow through thoroughly

10. Ability to implement new processes, ask questions for understanding, and document procedures

11. Sound judgement, good communication, and wise initiative

12. Commitment to Christ-like behavior as referenced in Chapter 3 of the Book of Discipline of the Free Methodist Church.

13. Passion for missions, the local church, social justice, and cross-cultural relationships

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Experience with programs like Asana, WooCommerce, Constant Contact, QuickBooks, Google Suite, Cash LINQ, etc.

2. Positive office, retail, inventory experience

Working Conditions:

Physical Demands: Use hands, fingers, and eyes to operate computer. Regularly talk and listen electronically with co-workers, donors, customers, and visitors. Lift, move, shelve, pack and process 50-60-pound boxes of products. Work Environment: Regular interaction with co-workers, guests, volunteers, customers, and potential customers. Usually low to moderate noise level. Usually moderate stress to meet deadlines and maintain accuracy.

Interested individuals should submit a resume and complete an online application at: https://hr.fmcusa.org/employment-application.