POSITION DESCRIPTION: Lead musician to plan and provide an engaging worship experience each week.

STATUS: Part-time – paid monthly.

HOURS: This position is expected to involve up to 4 hours per week.

GENERAL PURPOSE OF POSITION: The primary responsibility of the Worship Leader is to lead the Sunday morning worship experience at Living Faith Church.

SUPERVISION: Works under the direction of and reports to the Pastor.

HOURS: The Worship Leader spends time each week planning the music for and working with the Pastor to design the Sunday morning service. Additionally:
• When involving other musicians and/or vocalists, planning and leading a mid-week rehearsal.
• Collaboration with Senior Pastor will be expected in order to improve the quality of the Sunday morning worship experience.
• The number of hours will be based upon the weekly need.

DUTIES: The duties of the Worship Leader include, but are not limited to:
• Continuing to grow and mature as a follower of Christ.
• Provide leadership, vision, and passion for music and worship in line with the overall purpose, vision,       mission, and values of Living Faith Church.
• Collaborate with the Pastor to bring fresh ideas to the worship experience.
• Proficiency to lead worship vocally and coordinate with musicians.
• Communicate weekly worship plans with the Tech Team. Information communicated will include, but not be limited to number of microphones needed, number of music stands needed, number of vocalists, lead vocalist for each song, instruments planned, and configuration of the platform.
• Living Faith Church has a CCLI license that should be utilized in the planning of all worship services. Copyright compliance is mandatory.
• Arrive no later than 9:15 AM on Sundays for rehearsal and communication with all those involved in the   worship service. Rehearsal should be completed by 10:10 AM in order for musicians and vocalists to be   engaging with guests and members as they arrive.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.
• Be willing to consider joining the membership of Living Faith Church.

Please describe how you want potential applicants to respond to you.
Resumes with a cover letter of interest should be sent to livingfaithfmc@gmail.com to the attention of Pastor Merry. Applicants at all levels of experience will be considered: from those new to ministry to those retired from full-time ministry.
Additional information of interest to applicants.
Living Faith Church
Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values – 2018

Purpose: Why do we exist?
To extend God’s love to all people, especially those that feel lost or forgotten.

Vision: What do we want to achieve?
To be a church that plants and restores hope in God in the people of Western NY.

Mission: What steps are we willing to take to achieve the vision?
To connect people with God by being a church that teaches and models participation in:
• Private and group prayers that wait expectantly for God’s response;
• Group studies and/or book discussions that deepen our faith in God;
• Serving members and guests on Sunday mornings with God’s radical hospitality;
• Acts of service that meet the physical, social, and spiritual needs in our community.
Values: the parameters that guide our decisions, priorities, and behaviors.
• All people matter: We believe Jesus came to offer eternal life to any that would receive it; therefore, we welcome people of all ages and family structures no matter their economic situation and encourage them to discover and live the purposeful and satisfying life God intends for them to live (Jn. 3:16; 10:10).
• Engaging worship services: We believe God desires His people to worship Him honestly, in the pursuit of truth. For those that do not relate to traditional forms of worship, we offer contemporary music and teachings that relate to real life (Jn.4:24).
• Community: We believe God desires His people to grow stronger together; therefore, we encourage everyone to devote themselves to learning, socializing, sharing meals, and praying with friends in the church (Acts 2:42).
• Personal invitations: We believe God calls every Christian to tell others what they know of Him; therefore, we reach out to others and invite them to discover faith in Him (Rom. 10:14).
• Prayer: We believe the Christian life should not be one of worry, but of prayer; therefore, we make our needs known to God in prayer (Phil. 4:6).
• Serving: We believe God has gifted every Christian to serve others; therefore, we strive to help everyone discover, develop, and use their unique gifts in service (1 Pt. 4:10).
• Reconciliation: We believe God desires His people to live in harmony with one another; therefore, we apply the Matthew 18:15-17 principle of reconciliation:
* We do not discuss an offense with anyone but the offender in private, kindly stating and discussing the offense in order to be reconciled.
* If reconciliation is not achieved, we then ask 1 or 2 impartial people to be involved in the discussion.
* If reconciliation is still not achieved, we bring the matter to a leader in the church for recommendations.