General Overview:  The Worship Arts Tech Leader is responsible for providing support and leadership to all tech leadership teams and all the traditional worship teams, to ensure quality and effectiveness of worship in both the contemporary and traditional services.

Hours Per Week:  Full Time / Salary

Accountability:  Reports directly to the Director of Operations.  He/she will receive an annual review reported to the Pastoral Care and Personnel Committee.


  • Must be firmly committed to the Lord and must make every effort to grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  • Must agree with the practice lifestyle standards consistent with the JFM leadership covenant.
  • Must have a passion to see people move and grow in their love for God and others through the avenue of worship.
  • Must have a heart to shepherd and equip others to lead to their fullest potential.
  • Must be skilled in organization, administration, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Must have an expertise in the use of technology in worship; including sound, lighting, presentation, and video projection.
  • Must be a self-starter, and someone who needs little supervision.
  • Must be a team player with a positive attitude.
  • Must be a team builder and developer of leaders

Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee and administrate all areas of Worship Arts, including AVL (Audio, Video, Lighting, Production, and ProPresenter), and traditional Worship Leaders for services and venues.
  • Will evaluate and provide development to traditional worship service team members.
  • Will create clear job descriptions and help every team member understand their role within the Worship Arts Ministry and how their role fulfills the vision of worship.
  • Will oversee and lead all technical training to ensure that every volunteer is adequately equipped and prepared to lead with excellence.
  • Will facilitate and lead monthly WALT meetings
  • Will be a conduit of effective communication between all areas within the Worship Arts team.
  • Will work alongside the Worship Arts Team Leader to support the vision and value of corporate worship.
  • Will be a team builder: Recruiting and equipping teams of people to support the current and future Worship Art’s needs.
  • Will equip leaders and ministry participates for individual group both in skill and in spiritual growth.
  • Will serve as a member of the communication team to provide direction to JFM’s messaging and the communication process JFM uses to ensure congregation engagement.
  • Will build planning Center with pertinent service information each week so that every person involved in the service will have all the details needed to serve well.
  • Will work with the Lead Pastor and Worship Team Leaders to plan services incorporating prayer, scripture, specials, videos, and other create arts elements to help people enter the presence of God.
  • Will work with Worship and Tech leaders to schedule individuals and teams functioning as the lead producer with an eye on the big picture of each service.
  • Will oversee and provide tech support as needed for all JFM events requiring it.
  • Will attend weekly staff meetings as part of the executive team.
  • Will organize, maintain, and oversee the Worship Arts tech budgets including the purchase of new equipment as it fits into the direction and vision of the ministry as a whole.

Social Media & Web Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build and execute social media strategy through research, benchmarking, messaging, and audience identification
  • Develop and utilize team to help carry out these objectives
  • Build meaningful connections and encourage community members through dialog and messaging
  • Track and analyze analytic reports to gain insight on traffic, demographics, and effectiveness; utilize this information to positively affect future outcomes
  • Collaborate with other departments to manage church reputation, coordinate promotions, and increase reach
  • Collaborate with marketing and design teams to plan and develop site content, style and layout
  • Stay up-to-date with developments and generate new ideas to draw audience’s attention

Video Production Duties and Responsibilities

DEFINITION. Under general direction, plans and facilitates studio and field-based video production work, including the planning, filming, editing, sound mixing, graphic design and compression output and distribution of a wide range of products, and performs other related duties as assigned.

  • Oversee or function as producer of weekend services
  • Responsible for the maintenance of all technical equipment on the campuses
  • Responsible for planning, designing, and installing equipment upgrades and new equipment throughout all campuses
  • Recruit, lead, and provide ongoing training and development of volunteer/employed video staff
  • Responsible for the discipleship of the team
  • Responsible for setting and tracking the annual technical ministry’s budget


Interested applicants should email a resume to Brent Hall at