A full-time pastor is currently being sought for the Free Methodist Church in Birds, Illinois. This congregation is a strong congregation of 60 people. Over the past two years, they have had services as high as 90 people. This is a country church with a vision to be a blessing to the community.

They are currently in consideration of building a fellowship hall on their current property as well as in consideration of moving and building elsewhere.

A pastor who can work with a strong, family connected Board is important. Also one who can provide Biblical messages with practical application.

This church has recently gone through a difficult transition but is poised for good things. A healing touch along with a directional hand is important.

There is a parsonage provided.

Email or phone call for more information.

Primary Contact Email *   superjohnrlane@gmail.com

Primary Contact Phone (317) 831-0022

We intend to close this posting and no longer receive applications as of Monday, October 1, 2018