Defined Contribution Death and Disability

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Disability Benefits

If a participant becomes disabled prior to their early retirement date and while still an employee, they will be eligible for a disability benefit. The benefit can start as soon as the Human Resources office and/or Benefits Committee approve a certification by an approved physician stating the reason for disability. Payments will equal the accrued benefit calculated as of the termination date and will be reduced to allow for the early retirement factor. (If a separate disability benefit is offered by the participant’s conference, it may be advisable to use the conference benefit. This would preserve the pension as a normal retirement benefit.)

Death Benefit Before Retirement

If a participant dies, the beneficiary has the option of receiving monthly payments for their life expectancy, or receiving the lump sum of the deceased participant’s remaining account balance.

Death Benefit After Retirement

If a participant dies after retirement benefit payments begin, the beneficiary may choose to receive the lump sum of the remaining account balance, or continue monthly payments if the participant had elected a full joint-and-survivor annuity.

To claim a death or disability benefit, or for more information, contact Human Resources at (800) 342-5531.