The Defined Contribution Plan began in 1969 and was frozen as of 1980. While no more participants are being added to the plan, existing accounts are maintained for those who were enrolled in it.  Each participant has an individual account balance.  All benefits in the way of retirement, disability or death are limited to this balance.

All participants that have a balance in the Defined Contribution Plan receive a quarterly statement on their dollars available for benefits. the statement will reflect the interest gain or loss, any benefits paid out, and a final account balance for the quarter.

FM Financial handles the investments for the pension plans. Their board of directors manages and supervises all investments based on the investment objectives set forth for the funds.  Any investment returns will affect each participant’s account balance.  Due to the impact the investments have on this plan, the assets are divided into two groups with age-appropriate investment strategies in hopes to provide the best chance of optimal investment returns, while protecting the participant account balances.