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   Free Methodist Apparel Page

Sponsored by 
The Friendship Club*

  We stock various polo shirts, denim & dress shirts,                                                                                    

  jackets, and hats with the FMC logo.  These products are excellent quality 

  and a way to promote the Free Methodist Church – USA. These gifts are 

  truly ones that will keep on giving and great for any occasion.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ->  Volunteer Appreciation                    ->    Birthdays                                                                                 ->  Pastor Appreciation                         ->     Christmas                                                                           -> Mother’s Day                                      ->     Father’s day



    For quick and easy ordering, you may use the order form, or the online link that lists the items we have in stock.

   You may also contact Human Resources by phone at  1-800-342-5531 (ext. 213) or email at hrdept@fmcusa.org              

 Online ordering link:  https://freemethodist.wufoo.com/forms/xzgwp6s19xubx5/



     *Proceeds benefit the Friendship Club, (an employee association of the World Ministries Center,)

promoting good fellowship as well as physical and spiritual well-being of the staff.

The Friendship Club sponsors the Free Methodist Church – USA logo apparel.